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I see the link sensor data to achieve anti-theft scenes in the Asset and Material Usage Analytics - Big Data Use Case, how can I use DATAMEER to obtain these sensor data and asset location information, how to get INSQL, PI database data.

Jonsen Zyh

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    Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Jonsen,

    If I properly understood your request (please provide more details in case I've misunderstood something), you are looking for an approach to ingest data from InSQL and OSI PI data bases.

    Here is general information about setting up connection to relational databases and importing data:

    At the moment we don't have dedicated connection for InSQL, but you might try to leverage one of available JDBC drivers.

    Regarding OSI PI - there is no direct connection at the moment, but we have this functionality in our pipeline and it might be included in future releases.

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