How to determine source for a renamed column in a Join sheet?


Hi I'm fairly new to Datameer and have struck something that should be obvious but I can't work it out.

I have a Join sheet from another developer which joins two sources together. The resulting Join sheet has a number of date fields (as well as many others). To differentiate them he renamed each of the fields in the final sheet.

When I click on any of the renamed columns in the Join sheet, Datameer does not show me the original source field for that column, the formula bar is empty. (Datameer 5.2).

1) What am I missing, how do I determine the source for the renamed fields?

2) I've also searched through the ERD and I've examined the meta data in the DAP, does anyone know where in the DAP database the renames are stored?

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    Joel Stewart

    Mark, thank you for the question. Within the GUI, there is not a place that you can easily decipher the original source of a join result once it has been renamed by another user. 

    The most direct way that I can think of is to use the REST API to get the JSON output of the workbook and focus in on the joined sheet. In that view, you'll be able to see two definitions of the columns (linked by a columnID field). The first will show the original data and the second set of attributes for "style" will show the renamed title. 

    On a side note, I'd generally recommend upgrading to a more recent version of Datameer. Maintenance was recently concluded for Datameer 5 per the Datameer Maintenance Policy.

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