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Dear community members,

I know Datameer provides facility of Data Masking through the capability described as Secure Data Views. 

Can somone please tell me how can be implement this secure data views capability in our worksheets so as to mask the data based upon dynamic authorisations or data entitlements to various users in a group. 

Please let me know if there are any resources available which can describe the complete solution. 


Deepak Koul

Deepak Koul

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    Alan Mark

    Hi Deepak,

    The term 'Secure Data Views' is an industry term that describes a data source which can limit the view based on the user making the request.  Datameer does not have a built in functionality to limit the visibility of columns once they are ingested.  It has to be done at ingest time.

    You'll want to review our documentation for Setting up Security and Permissions.  In order to pass credentials down to the data source, you will need to set up either Secure or Simple impersonation.  This way the user running the Datameer conductor can impersonate the users who are making the requests.  Once this has been achieved you can leverage column level security of the data source.

    Additionally, as part of our Advanced Governance module, you can get the feature: Build Data Obfuscation on Import instead of having to build it yourself.

    Hope that clears it up for you,


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