Alter/Modify workbook data after importing from Data link



Is it possible to alter an existing column's data which was added from data link using any of existing datameer functions like REPLACE or SUBSTITUTE, etc., ?  ( lets say there are 100 records as "xyz" , it needs to be replaced as "zzz") 

I am aware of the fact that this is possible in a new sheet, however I wanted to know if it is possible to alter the source workbook which was derived from the data link.

Thyagarajan Sudhakaran

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    Alan Mark

    Hi Thyagarajan,

    Source sheets are, by intended design, read only.  The only way to get different data is to change it in the data source itself directly, then re-import.

    However, it would seem that you have an underlying concern that's driving this question.  I think it may be that you are concerned with extra HDFS storage or possible performance penalties due to having a new sheet.  To avoid both of these types of problems, during the save step simply deselect the source sheet from being 'kept' and only select the new duplicate sheet where you've modified the data using formulas.

    This topic and some other directly relevant subjects are covered in our Analyst Basics 1 class.  You'll want to check out Datameer University to get access.

    Let me know if you've got any other questions,


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