How to get list of all datalinks for a particular user



Can you please suggest any rest api command/way to get the list of all the datalinks present in the datameer for a particular user.

Thank you in advance.

Swethha Telu

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    Alan Mark

    Hi Swethha,

    In addition to Joel's comments, I crafted this MySQL statement that will give you an explicit list for a particular user.  Please note that the database schema is subject to change at any time, so this query may stop working in the future after an upgrade.  I developed this against 6.1.25, but verified it also works against 5.11.38.  So it should work on all 6.1 and 5.11 releases.

    SELECT FileID, ConfID, p.owner Owner, Artifact 
    FROM dap_file df
    INNER JOIN dap_job_configuration djc ON = djc.dap_file__id
    INNER JOIN permission p ON = df.permission_fk
    WHERE df.extension='IMPORT_LINK_JOB_EXTENSION' and owner='USERID';

    Simply replace "USERID" with the id of the user in question - and this sql will return all of the Data Links for that specific user.

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