5 Trailing Zeros in File Name Using Export Job


Unfortunately, I have not been able to solve this issue on my own after trying for several hours. I have an export job configured to export a CSV file to an edge node. The "File path /name :" property is filled with the following string:


I wouild expect the following final name of the file:


But instead get:



How do I remove these trailing zeros? Using or not using the .txt extension makes no difference.

Scott Keefer

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    Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Scott,

    Thanks for reaching out to us with this question.

    Since the Hadoop framework will distribute Export Jobs by default, it will also add a trailing sequence number to the file name. The Hadoop framework does not provide configuration possibilities to exclude this number from the file name. However we do have enhancement requests to implement both a way to control adding _00000 or not, as well as an enhancement to supply a warning if the filename will be modified.

    As workaround it might be possible to write a script to modify the exported file names at the destination.

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