how to get export job status via SDK


Is there a way to get the status of an export job via SDK? My plugin gets as an argument the path of an export job file in the Datameer folder hierarchy. Now I would like to get job status information, especially whether the job has completed. The SDK documentation contains a class DapFile which has methods getJobStatus() and getLastExecuted(). Is this a suitable class, and can a plugin use this class and how to create an instance of DapFile which contains the data of an existing file in the Datameer folder hierarchy?

Jutta Lachfeld

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    Joel Stewart

    You can use the Job Status REST API to get the status of any Datameer Job. This command requires the Job ID in order to check the status.

    If you used the Start Export Job REST API to start the job, the output includes the Job ID needed for the Job Status command.


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