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I have such small problem: Here is described how to create Hive connection. There is a list of hive connections. But i have only ability to connect to Hive 0.7.*. I cannot select Hive 0.13(it is not listed). Here we can see that Datameer is able to connect to Hive 0.13.

How can i setup hive connection?

Schould i install some plugin? Or what schoud i do?

Datameer v5.0.1 Personal
Cloudera CDH 5.0.2
Hive 0.13
OS: CentOS6.6

Saurabh Agashe

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    Saurabh Agashe

    In your system configuration it says that you're using a Personal edition of Datameer. On the top of the article you mentioned, it describes that an enterprise version of Datameer is required to connect to hive. I think that the personal edition comes with a bundled version of a specific Apache library set, so perhaps a static version of a hive connection could work, but would certainly not be reliable as the personal edition or your hive instance update versions. I'm not sure of your project, but perhaps you could do some sort of export from HIVE to import it in to Datameer another way.



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