Exactly what should be the information inside <job-payload>.json file for Datameer REST API?


I have gone through Datameer REST API. To create a new data connection, the REST call should be "curl -u <username>:<password> -X POST -d @<job-payload>.json 'http://<Datameer-serverIP>:<port-number>/rest/connections' " . But job-payload.json file sample is not provided in the documentation. Please let me know exactly what information should go into job-payload.json file with keys. Sample file will be more helpful for me to understand.
Thanks in advance!

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    Joel Stewart

    The payload differs slightly between different Datameer versions. I'd recommend creating an example object in the GUI once and then using the REST API to read the existing object's payload. This will give you a suitable example to build from that is certainly compatible with your instance of Datameer.


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