How can I use the total row counts of workbooks in a pie chart?


I want to chart the row counts of worksheet A and Worksheet B and Worksheet C in a single Pie Chart, where the totals of the rows of the 3 sheets = 100% of the rows of interest.

Joseph Scrocco

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    Joel Stewart

    This could be accomplished using the following steps:
    1. In each of your Worksheets, add a column that identifies the worksheet name (i.e. SheetName = "WorksheetA")
    2. For each of your Worksheets, create a Grouping Sheet that has exactly two functions: GROUPBY(#WorksheetA!SheetName) and GROUPCOUNT()
    3. Union the Grouping Sheets together so that you end up with a Sheet that has 3 rows, one for each Worksheet.

    Ensure that the Unioned Sheet is a saved sheet then build a Pie Chart widget from this result.


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