Error: No column with id '0' found


When I attempt to concat several rows together in a joined sheet, I keep getting an error message that tells me it can't find the columns I'm trying to concat. Is this a bug? The error says the following:
Formula =CONCAT(#Windows7.WindowsVersionAndBitness) is invalid on sheet Joined in column 13: No column with id '0' found. Existing IDs: ColumnId[_id=c54350c5f8104529d79e91e2bb601edb], ColumnId[_id=cde848e56cec1e8446efc31bc5cc0386], ColumnId[_id=49b5e20f2209c8e11afd558a6f92ff2c], ColumnId[_id=292e0a4ae78f78db504f305b05c7c331], ColumnId[_id=745a4cd64a6d2bda9b7653ab5262b578], ColumnId[_id=7179941aee527e5091520b9e7e4cd2f1], ColumnId[_id=b1894e31a8d82a61304f3dc72becdc28], ColumnId[_id=58fd6ae7c94705dbaf33999b4a5eb2b8], ColumnId[_id=2509721ff427c58c20852e73d1ddefb9], ColumnId[_id=baf9ec4a0aa6a73c793dae1488c74f1c], ColumnId[_id=175f465e09ef17569801ed282bf5207d], ColumnId[_id=59fd55e7782713f2caac0e828708ec76]

Karl Strickland

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    Pablo Redondo

    I might need more info to know what the problem could be. From your question seems that you are trying to add a concat formula within a joined sheet. There are couple of sheets where you cannot add formulas: source sheets, joined sheets or smart analytics sheets (clustering, etc). If that is the case: have you tried adding the concat formula in a duplicate of the joined sheet? If that is not the case, could you send a screenshot?

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