Smart Analytics App: Campaign Success and PurchasedProduct


In the Smart Analytics (Banking App), Campaign Success has 4 values (failure, success, unknown, other).
I am trying to understand what 'success' actually means since I found records where the CampaignSuccess = 'Success' but PurchasedProduct = 'no'.
Also, trying to understand the meaning of 'unknown' and 'other' in the same context of CampaignSuccess.
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Rahul Dhond


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    Jason Arrigo

    Hello Rahul,

    This data set is representative of what can be seen in real world examples – messy, unclear raw data that requires a bit of investigation first.

    In this case, the assumption is that CampaignSuccess represents a person that successfully responded to the marketing campaign, which does not necessarily mean that a PurchasedProduct was the targeted end result. Hence your discovery in the data. It's great that you are thinking about this data set critically, because this is an important thing to remember when examining your results.

    As for CampaignSuccess == unknown OR other, these are people that were participating in the Bank Marketing campaign and either dropped out of the campaign, were not marketed to appropriately or had a result that did not otherwise conform to the measured goals for Successfully participating in the campaign.

    I hope that clears up the question!

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