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Hi Team,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Manoj and I am currently working as an Software engineer in an Investment bank. We are in the process of implementing a reporting tool over the Hadoop cluster and were looking at various tools available . We have shortlisted three based on various reviews, namely Datameer, Tableau and Cognos.

We needed a few more details with regards to the product Datameer. We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide your inputs on the same.

1. I tried to used the free trial version but I am not able to make use of the connection for Hadoop environment. It is not enabled. Is there any way in which we can use it in the trial duration to understand the performance by connecting it our hadoop environment before finalizing it.

2. Can you give me a quote on the purchasing details for the Product so as to use it in on the Hadoop Environment.

3. Do you have any comparison details available between Datameer, Tableau and other tools. A numerative comparison will be greatly beneficial for us to narrow down on a particular tool to go ahead with our implementation.

Appreciate It if you could answer the above questions with details.


Manojkumar Menon.

Manojkumar Menon

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    Joel Stewart

    Thank you for your questions Manojkumar. As you have highlighted, the default trial available only includes Embedded Hadoop mode and does not allow for connection to an external cluster. 

    These detailed questions are best answered by our Sales team, I'll forward these questions to them and ask that someone reach out to you with these details and get more information about your particular needs for this implementation.


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