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I have a question about Infographics. I've seen many of the tutorials online, and maybe the answer exists out there somewhere, but I have been unable to find it. So I apologize if this is a moot question.

I have a large Workbook that I ran, filtering my data down to one state. (~798 mb total). I have several fields.

I created a Line chart for starters in the Infographic section of Datameer.

When I drag my Label, a date field, I can see that the Line Chart infographic updates with the appropriate dates along the Horizontal Axis. Similarly, when I drag my category variable, a string type, it looks like it draws a line for each.

However, when I pull one of my integer fields over to the Data box, it looks like Datameer displays only the first record from each point on the line chart. (I assume this because the value displayed is lower than I'd expect the aggregate to be, and the field has "(first)" next to it.)

Is there a way to change the aggregation of the Data box to a sum or average? Or do I complete this step earlier, by generating a pre-summarized Workbook Grouping BY, and Group-Summing by my respective charting fields?

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Ross Clark


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    It's a very relevant question.
    We often get this request from our customers and we are in the process of addressing it.

    Aggregating data from the Visualizations themselves are on the immediate road map.
    Just like you suggest soon you’ll be able to throw a large data sheet directly into Infographics and perform aggregations directly by specifying a function like ’sum’, ‘avg’, ‘count’ etc.

    Moreover consumers of the Infographics will also be able to de-aggregate this data using drilldowns, ad-hoc filters etc.
    However for now you’ll have to aggregate the data in Workbooks and create Infographic charts based on that.

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    Tiago Rubio

    Hi again, any news on this topic? I'm in need of this function, our other visualization tool does not support datasets larger than 5 GB.

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