Use Datameer Import in Impala


We have a user who wants to use an existing Datameer import in Impala.

Do you have an example of other users using it?

Gregory Douglas

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    Joel Stewart

    I don't know of any specific example of this use case.

    The imported results are stored in HDFS in the following folder(s): hdfs://<PRIVATE_FOLDER>/importjobs/<IMPORT_JOB_ID>/<JOB_ID>

    Although these files may be referenced by Impala, deserializing this data may be complex as there is no SDK extension available to read these files natively.

    I think the most straightforward solution is to take the Import Job data and process it in a Workbook then create an Export Job to save the output in a common format (i.e. Avro). Impala could be directed at the Export Job's results.

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