"All source data is not shown" message in widgets



I'm trying to visualise some 13K records, and in all widgets I try, I get a message in the widgets "All source data is not shown" (green message bar). This is even after I processed the workbook.

I'm using the latest version, downloaded 3 days ago.
Further info:
- I have a trial license
- I run it on an old Centrino with Win 7.

What can cause this behaviour?


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    Joel Stewart

    Hi Marten! Thanks for the question. This is the expected behavior for 13K records by default. There is a "Max Data" setting for each widget and if the total records in the workbook exceeds that value, the warning is displayed.

    To adjust the Max Data settings, please select the widget, go to the widget's settings, and find the "Max Data" setting within the "Standard" settings: 

    I suspect that if all 13K results attempt to be displayed on a global Map that the infographic may be unreadable. If that's the case, it may be best to group your results further within the workbook (i.e. by country) to optimize the visual representation of the data. 

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    That answered the question. It is working now.

    Thank you for your rapid reply!

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