CrunchBase and New York Times


I tried to create a Crunchbase connection. Datameer opens a URL which is deprecated so I get back in Datameer
Failed to open '': Forbidden (403)



A similar behaviour with New York Times, Datameer still calls v1 API:


Failed to open '': Gone (410) 

I am preparing important presentation for high level Siemens Mgt. 2016-04-26. Siemens is looking for company data to include in analysis process, so Crunchbase should work.


Fritz Schinkel

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    Venu Reddy

    Hi Fritz,

    We are aware of the need for Crunchbase connector, and are planning to make it available in the next major release - 6.x

    We already updated the NYT API version in our recent 5.11.x release, which will be available soon. 


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