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In a complex workbook for twitter sentiment analysis I added a filter to reduce a list of tweets. Unexpectedly all my remaining tweets were rated positive. Instead of tweet analysis on a reduced list I got quite a different logic, negative word were counted positive. The graph in the details view showed quite a different execution plan, far less bars after the filtering, seems there is some optimization in the execution plan. For further analysis I switched on the save option for all worksheets. But that seems to repair the behaviour. So it seems like an optimization issue in the combination of this particular filter and storing only the result worksheets (the recommended practice).

Fritz Schinkel

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    According your description I've setup a test with our Twitter Apps, which you can download from our App Market. I wasn't able to reproduce a similar behavior. Maybe you can double check with them? 

    To be able to narrow down the cause additional information will be helpful. 

    Was the complex workbook for twitter sentiment analysis created from scratch? Can you also provide some details on the used filter setup? And which kind of functions you are using within? 

    Thank you for sharing more details in advance. 

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