schema package with ValueType classes not documented


I just wrote a plugin function of type GroupExpandingSeriesFunctionType which returns a tiny list of sublists in each cell. I arranged the data in this hierarchy to get a better structure. Defininig the corresponding return type was a bit hard.

These are my findings:

1. The java package datameer.dap.sdk.schema is not documented in the javadoc, e.g. ValueType is missing. Workaround: IDE can peek into the classes within the jar archives.

2. There is a value type for lists in datameer.dap.sdk.schema.ListType, but how to define the type of the elements in that list? Workaround: I used another plugin to retrieve the JSON definition of the value type (list of sublists with float values) from a manually constructed column and then deserialized this JSON string in the real plugin.

 2. ValueType does not contain a static member for the list type similar to ValueType.STRING, ValueType.INTEGER, ValueType.BOOLEAN, etc.. This may be normal, as a list requires an additional element type, but then I would expect a method that creates a list value type object for a specific element type.

Jutta Lachfeld

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    Venu Reddy

    Hi Jutta,

    Thanks for your enquiry about Datameer SDK. It appears that datameer.dap.sdk.schema is not inluded in the javadoc. We'll find out if there is one internally and follow up with you.

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