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After implementing a lot of Datameer plugins (functions), I now have to write a SAML SSO SDK Extension. I am new to SAML SSO, so please bear with me.

The documentation refers to a new and delivered plugin and classes or interfaces UserProvider, SAMLCredential, SamlAuthenticatorRepository, ConfigurableExtension, etc.

In our installations of Datameer 6.0.0 / 6.0.3, I can neither find or identify the plugin nor the above mentioned classes/interfaces.

Which jar or zip archive contains the plugin and the Java interfaces that shall be implemented by the extension?

Could you please provide the code for an example extension?

Jutta Lachfeld

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    Joel Stewart

    The SAML extensions are available as part of the Data Governance package with Datameer. If your subscription is entitled to this package, please follow up with your account manager to request access to these packages. If your subscription does not currently include Data Governance, please check in with a Sales representative to inquire about adding it. 

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