Mapr 5.1 configuration - zero available memory

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Hi Team -

I have partner who is trying to install Datameer 5.11.14 on the MapR 5.1 sandbox (VM). Th install is successful but when he tries to connect to Datameer to the MarR cluster and run the Health Check, we see that the available memory is zero. The health check never completes.

I have done this with MapR 5.0 with no problem. Do we know of any issues with MapR 5.1 in terms of getting the correct available memory?

I am attaching the results of the Health check and the Datameer MapR configuration. Any ideas what could be going wrong? Thanks.


Nikhil Kumar

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    Full support for MapR 5.1 seems to be implemented as of Datameer version 5.11.17. 

    The message 

    /default-rack UNHEALTHY maprdemo 

    indicates that a node or service from the sandbox environment might not have started and could be related to memory resources. 

    The host computer should have at least 16 GB RAM, since the MapR sandbox requires 6GB, the edge node should also have 6GB and the host OS will need also some memory. 

    Can you run any job in your MapR sandbox? 

    It could also be helpful to check the value of 


    which is the Amount of physical memory, in MB, that can be allocated for containers.

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