Datameer installation problem.


I have downloaded Datameer-5.11.2-apache-2.6.0.exe and installed in my PC(Windows8 64bit). initially i got java heap size xmx error resolve this. I have reduce the xmx size 900 in Datameer.vmoptions. After that when i am trying to start datameer its getting closed without any error.I checked in error.log file and found below log.


2016-08-07 08:57:04.160:INFO::main: Logging initialized @3266ms
2016-08-07 08:57:04.301:INFO:oejs.Server:main: jetty-9.2.10.v20150310
2016-08-07 09:00:31.921:INFO:/:main: Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext

kislay pathak

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    Joel Stewart

    Hi Kislay, it sounds like the 900m is too small for the Datameer JVM to successfully initialize. The minimum requirement is intended to be 1024m, but we recognize that these fail to initialize in some Windows environments citing a security limitation with large JVMs. 

    Is the reason that the memory was reduced to circumvent a security limitation for the JVM? If so, is it possible to look into resolving the security restriction for this particular JVM so that it can be started with at least 1024m? 

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