datameer Infographics supports OLAP Featuers


Hi this is Prasanna and i am new to datameer and our client need a Big data analytics.So i am datameer tool now.Need Inputs from your side for th following questions.Does Datameer inforgraphics tools supports followinf below Features.

2.Parent-Child Relationship,
3.Multi Level Hierachy,OLAP Operations (Drill,Roll Up/Down,Slice/Dice,Pivoting)
4.Multi Level Pre Aggregation,

5.Semi Additive Measures

Sanathkumar Prasanna

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    Joel Stewart

    Hi Prasasnna, we're glad that you're exploring Datameer!

    Datameer's architecture creates a close relationship between Infographics Workbooks and Data Ingestion. These two artifacts work very closely together and accomplish the goals that you have outlined.

    Specifically, you can process the data on as many dimensions as you wish within a workbook. Workbooks can also have a parent-child relationship for organizing analytics. Workbooks can be created to pre-aggregate, slice and pivot into as many perspectives of the data as analysts desire.

    The Data Ingestion step of Datameer can be configured to be incremental as well to support semi additive measurements. 

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