Is it safe to delete contents in <datameer private folder>/joblogs in HDFS?


I'm trying to clear up space on HDFS and noticed that /<datameer private folder>/joblogs is taking up nearly 1 TB. 

How do I go about deleting it? Can I delete it through Datameer application or just delete straight off HDFS?



Nikhil Srinidhi

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    Joel Stewart

    This content is maintained by the Datameer server itself. By default, job logs should be kept in the HDFS folder you shared for 28 days. After 28 days, they are marked for deletion and then Datameer Housekeeping will remove the log entries.

    I do not recommend manually deleting these files from HDFS since these entries are stored in the Datameer metadata database as well. Manually deleting this data would cause it to get out of sync. 


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