I would like to list out few of the issues I faced while using Datameer for my work. I am using Datameer

While creating infographics I found out that I was only able to take maximum of 10 columns/attributes/fields to prepare a chart or any graph. Can anyone of you confirm me on this and help me out how to overcome this issue. Or is it a limitation of tool that it can only take 10 columns (I need more than 20-25 columns) and not more than that for a single chart/graph.

Secondly, I found out that working a given chart/graph I could only use data from only 1 Sheet and cannot use multiple sheets. This is a major issue for me as I may need data from multiple sheets (I have more than 100).

Can any one of you help me out on this. Please let me know if there is a way or confirm me that this is a limitation of the tool.

I would be grateful to hear from you.

Thanks a lot .

Sudeepta Ranjan Sahoo

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    Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Sudeepta.

    • Depends on a Widget type, number of columns and data types it could handle might vary. But I'm not aware about strict limitation to 10 columns, e.g. Table Widget could handle 20+ columns. From other side, an Infographic that shows 10-20 different parameters at a one particular chart, might be a bit difficult for reading and understanding. Do you face any particular error message, when you are trying to add more sources to a chart? 
    • As the data in all the columns visualized need to be correlated, it should come from a single Sheet. This is not a limitation, this is the approach how Datameer works with a dataset. If you would like to add more data, it would be required to bring it at a common Sheet, e.g. via Join, Union or other instruments.

    You might be also interested in our documentation sections Types of Infographic Widgets and Visualising Data.

    Please let me know if you would have any further questions on this topic.

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