How can I make an IF statement to hold the values of different data types.


I have to use the formula IF(ISBLANK(X);"FALSE";X). it is not working because the data type of X and "false" is string and that of X is Boolean. How can I make it work.. I think it should not have been the constraint. when I use the same data type it works but not if the data type is different. Please let me know how can I make it work without changing the data type of the columns.


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    Alan Mark


    Thank you for your question regarding the Datameer Function "IF".

    Please note that, per the documentation, it is a requirement for the IF function that the result arguments must be the same data type.

    That is to say, you must convert the arguments to be the same type before using the IF function.  

    You can use the Datameer Function "T" to convert any column to string type, which will allow you to use IF.  

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