"comment out" columns?


Is there a way to effectively "comment out" tabs in a workbook?  I.e., leave them in place but not calc them.  CONTEXT: I'm toying with changes in a workbook upstream, which break the downstream tabs making it impossible to test my changes without deleting those tabs.  I'll eventually need them again and prefer to edit them rather than re-create them.

I can (and have) duplicated the whole workbook and deleted them there, but that's less convenient--I'll still have to copy my changes back into the original.

Steve Bernstein

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    Joel Stewart

    There's not a direct feature for this within the product currently. A method I'd consider would be to take a REST API backup of the workbook into JSON format. This would allow me to easily remove the stanzas that are for sheets I want to temporarily omit. After I completed the desired changes, I could push and pull versions through the REST API as needed to add and remove the extra sheets. 

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