Highly repeatable tasks - Functions?



I have a workbook with about 50 dimensions (i.e. character attributes with specified domains) and 10 measures.

We can imagine the below dummy dataset:


I would like to perform some "operation" with a dimension (or more than one dimension) and measure combination.

For the sake of simplicity, using the above data I want the sum of incomes for each of the dimension-'domains'  to get the following result (ideally I would write a function and pass all the dimensions I have from a list and put the results back in a data set):

Is there a way to do this, without having to create 50 sheets (one for each dimension) and making a union sheet?

Any direction would help! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above transformation.




Venkata Praveen Pingali

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    Joel Stewart

    To do this with the native functions in Datameer, this would require a separate sheet for each grouping and then union the resulting groups together. 

    It'd also be possible to create a custom function in Datameer using the SDK to build this type of logic in Java and input the column names and groupings all in a single step. This may be a worthwhile investment if this is a regular occurrence. More information about user-defined functions through the SDK is available here: Building Custom Functions



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    Venkata Praveen Pingali

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Can we build a custom function (through Java) that can be leveraged in Datameer? i.e. if I build it once in Java, the others who don't use Java, can leverage the function through the regular Datameer UI?


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    Alan Mark

    Hi Venkata,

    That is correct.  Once developed, any user can use the function in their workbooks.

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