Datameer DAP DB table to get schema details for export job



I've a task where I need to build a SQL query based on the field names in an export job. The field names are case sensitive and I need the exact name how it shows when you open the export job.

I can call REST API<Export-id> to get he list of fields under mapping section. or dap db table SHEETS.record_schema to get the schema structure. However in both methods I've to parse.

Is there a table I can read the individual field names without parsing it



Trupti Bhutada

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    Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Trupti.

    At Datameer 7.2 one could get list of column names for a certain Workbook's Sheet from the table sheet_column. Below query will return the list of columns, based on a Workbook's configuration ID and the name of the Sheet you use as an ExportJob source.

    SELECT name FROM sheet_column WHERE sheet_fk = (SELECT id FROM sheet WHERE workbook_fk = <Workbook's ConfID> AND name = "<Desired Sheet name>") GROUP BY;

    Hope this is something you are looking for.

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