SQL to get the sheet/column name dependency



I've a requirement to get the dependency list of columns from one sheet to other. We have developed few workbooks and during the development phase lot of columns have been added. However in higher levels we are not using all those columns. Can I get this information thru DAP DB SQL to see which columns are used and which are not. That way I can drop those columns safely.

Can someone have this in SQL format?


Trupti Bhutada


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    Alan Mark

    Hi Trupti,

    In the 6.4 release that your organization is on - the columns are stored in JSON format within the database.  In higher releases we do maintain a separate table to make doing what you are asking here easier.

    The best way to do this in your release is create a Data Link to the dap.sheet table and ingest the record_schema column - which contains the JSON of all the columns.  You can use standard Datameer JSON functions such as JSON_ELEMENT and JSON_VALUE to pull the values you need out for comparison.

    If you have further questions - I'd encourage you to open a case with support.


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