Can not create join: All sheets of 'JoinPair{user![guid]<=>smsg![guid]}' do exist in previous pairs



New to Datameer development and trying to define the below query in the 'join sheet' but getting this error message


         "Can not create join: All sheets of 'JoinPair{user![guid]<=>smsg![guid]}' do exist in previous pairs"


when I try to add the join line marked with  ==>>  below :


select * from BrokerAccessRqst

join BrokerAccessRqstStatusR on BrokerAccessRqstStatusR.statusCD = BrokerAccessRqst.statusCD

join Brokers on Brokers.brokernumber = BrokerAccessRqst.brokernumber

join BrokerType on BrokerType.brokerTypeCD = Brokers.brokerTypeCD

join User brkrUser on brkrUser.GUID = Brokers.GUID

join HlthPlan HlthPlan on HlthPlan.HLTH_PLAN_ID = Brokers.planid

join CvtyPlan CvtyPlan on CvtyPlan.PlanID = Brokers.planid

join ScrMessage on ScrMessage.MsgID = BrokerAccessRqst.msgID

==>> join User empUser on empUser.GUID = ScrMessage.ToUserGUID

join Record on Record.GUID = ScrMessage.ToUserGUID

join Privilege on Privilege.GUID_SourceRecord = ScrMessage.ToUserGUID

join Group on Group.GUID = Privilege.GUID_TargetRecord


All the lines above the one that's marked are accepted just fine.  


What am I doing wrong?  This query works just fine outside of Datameer.
Thank you

Matt Kosir


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    Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Matt.
    As you've already raised the support ticket to handle this question, I'll provide the assistance via that case (16079).

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    Matt Kosir

    Great, thank you Konsta.  I was just trying to reach out to as many areas as possible to get help.

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